acommonrarity asked:

so do you go to a fine arts school or what? because im a artist but im just deciding whether i need to go to uni or not


I went to OCAD for 4 years (it’s a art and design university) for drawing and painting. Art school is pretty useful, it teaches you to think critically about art and it gives you connections and a network of people who support you. It’s also unbelievably expensive though, and if you’re just going there to build your technical skills it makes more sense to take drawing and painting classes elsewhere. It’s deinitely not necessary to be an artist, but if you aren’t going to go to school you need to be extremely driven, self motivated, ambitious and willing to push yourself. I wasn’t any of those things at the time I was deciding if I should go to university, so it made sense for me.


the-mindless-youth asked:

your work is so amazing! My drawing and painting teacher just showed me your work yesterday as inspiration for my next portrait. I admire your style so much! do you have any shows in the u.s.? I'm attending pratt institute or school of visual arts in New York City this fall and would kill to see your work in a gallery in the city!


Aww thanks! No I don’t have any stuff in the US right now, only in Toronto. Let me know if you’re ever up here!


newyxrkbadbxy asked:

do u do commissions?


Rarely. It depends on the subject matter and how badly I need the money.


a-surfing-whisper asked:

Hello, I love your artwork, what materials do you use for the portraits you do? They're fantastic!


Thanks! Oil and acrylic usually. Acrylic underpaintings with oil on top.


wavystunna asked:

i love your art,what type of paint do you use


Aw thanks! Acrylic and oil. Usually acrylic underpaintings with oil on top, but lots are just acrylic.


Ribcage sketch 



nno one understands. its absolutely imperative my sister become world famous. i am planning my future entirely around her becoming a billionaire and buying me fancy things, like boats

people: how much is this painting?

me: about the price of one boat.


Oil on Canvas by Ivan Alifan

My friend Ivan did a painting of my face :3